Winter & Spring sale to Europe! From $536rt

Published on 01/06/2015 by Justin

Lecture 14 of my course shows how you can use this deal to visit several cities in Europe on the same ticket for just a few dollars more. SLC Flight Deals readers get $50 off with this link!

United and Air Canada are having a MASSIVE sale to Europe from SLC right now! Nearly every major airport in Europe is included such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Istanbul, Prague, Warsaw, and many others.

Some dates in May are available, but almost every day through the end of February is as well. Fares won’t get much lower than this, and it could end any time, so take advantage of the free 24-hour refund policy.

Buy now, think later!

Here is a map with some of the prices. Generally anything under $900 will save some dates in the $600-700 range. Click the map to search with Google Flights

Sample Dates and Destinations:

SLC to Paris (CDG) on Feb 14 - 22 for $760rt

SLC to Prague (PRG) on April 24 - May 2 for $653rt

SLC to Dublin on May 1 - 9 for $536rt

SLC to Stockholm (ARN) on March 6-17 for $600rt

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