Did you know you can fly from Provo and Ogden too?

Published on 01/23/2015 by Justin

Many people aren’t aware that there are other airports in the area other than SLC. Allegiant flies from both Ogden and Provo airports to several destinations in the West. You can fly from Provo to Oakland (near San Francisco), Los Angeles (LAX), and Mesa, Arizona (near Phoenix) very cheaply - as little as $88rt! You’ll save on parking too - both airports charge only $3.50/day for parking compared to $9/day at Salt Lake International.

As an Ultra-low cost carrier, Allegiant charges extra for everything! Printing your boarding pass out at the airport is $5, a seat assignment is extra, a carry-on bag is extra, and paying with a credit card is even extra! If you know what to expect, though, and their fee schedule here will certainly help, you can fly extremely cheaply. I’ve picked out some sample fares below to help with your search.

Allegiant also isn’t known for being punctual. I wouldn’t recommend booking a flight on Allegiant if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, and especially not for connecting to another flight. Flexible non-stops are the way to go here.

Sample Dates:

Ogden (OGD) to Phoenix (AZA) for $86rt on Feb 23-28

Provo (PVU) to Los Angeles (LAX) for $88rt on March 15-19

Provo (PVU) to Phoenix (AZA) for $92rt on April 2-6 (Easter)

Provo (PVU) to San Francisco/Oakland (OAK) for $92rt on April 20-24

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