Tokyo from $720rt

Published on 04/08/2015 by Justin

American has put flights to Tokyo on sale through the end of their schedule (March 2016) on sale from $720rt! This is a discount of at least $400 off the normal price, and even includes many dates in the summer which are typically even more expensive. The cheapest departures are Sunday-Wednesday, but weekend departures can be found for only $50 more. Other airlines are beginning to get close to American’s price as well.

Climb Mt. Fuji, enjoy the amazing food and culture, or enjoy some of the more eccentric aspects of Tokyo like the Cat Cafe or any of these unusual restaurants.

Sample Dates:

SLC to Tokyo (TYO) on April 28 - May 5 for $720rt

SLC to Tokyo (TYO) on May 24 - June 3 for $724rt

SLC to Tokyo (TYO) on September 3-8 for $725rt

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